The Best of Miami

the best of miami

The Best of Miami brings a lot to mind. This city is a coastal city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The most developed sector in Miami is tourism. Approximately 5,000 Turks live in this city. About 65% of the people living here speak Spanish. The most important reason for this is that most of the people living here come from the surrounding islands and settle in Miami. Miami is a city known as a gateway to Latin America.

The Best Places to Visit in Miami

Miami, one of Florida’s most popular and craziest cities! This city, symbolized by the palm trees that adorn the sides of the streets, is the entertainment center of the south coast of the USA with its entertainment that starts on the beach and its lively nightlife that continues until the morning.

Famous Miami Beach

best of miami

Miami Beach is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to Miami. This beach, which is also requested by celebrities, is one of the most popular places to visit in Miami.

The heart of nightlife in Miami, Ocean Drive

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The famous street we know from Scarface, Dexter and GTA: Ocean Drive. With cafes, bars and restaurants under Art Deco style boutique hotels, you will be full of fun from dining to dancing. You will also see cars pushing the limits of luxury on this famous street, which is one of the top places to visit in Miami.

Lincoln Road

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Lincoln Road is a street where you can both eat and shop. You can see many street performers on this street, from street musicians who enchant you with their music to street dancers who will appeal to your eyes with their dances.

Espanola Way

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This street, which was built in the 1920s as the meeting point of the wealthy people of Miami, now hosts many cafes and restaurants with Latin winds. It is possible to find flavors from many world cuisines such as France, Spain, Italy and Mexico in this street located between 14th and 15th streets.

Bayside Marketplace

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Bayside, which was established on the site of the facility that was used as a marina in the past, is one of the favorite places of tourists as an open-air shopping center in Miami. In addition to many cafes, restaurants and bars, Bubba Gup Schrimp, inspired by Forest Gump, is also here.

Miami’s Best Shopping Malls

  1. Dolphin Mall

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Just west of Miami International Airport, Dolphin Mall offers more than 200 retail outlets, name-brand discount stores, and fast fashion favorites like Forever 21.

  1. Bal Harbor Stores

If you’re looking for some high-class shopping, compare it to Bal Harbor Shops in a few places around the world. This gorgeous open-air mall is located on Collins Street in the affluent suburb of Bal Harbor.

  1. Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall still caters to lovers of luxury goods and more budget-conscious shoppers. Aventura Mall is also home to practical amenities such as a fully equipped Equinox fitness center, Avis car rental, Apple store, AT&T store, movie theater, and several restaurants.

  1. Dadeland Mall

miami dadeland mall

Located in Dade County, about 15 kilometers south of Miami, Dadeland Mall has approximately 200 retail stores and restaurants. It’s a good way to escape the city for a few hours, and you don’t even need a car to visit, as it’s conveniently located right next to Dadeland North Metrorail station.

  1. Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills Miami

Famous for its factory outlets, Sawgrass Mills Mall offers great bargains and outstanding dining deals. Broward County is located approximately 30 minutes north of Miami.

Where is the Best Place to Spend Time in Miami?

Miami, the second largest city of the State of Florida, attracts travelers who dream of a modern, luxurious, fun and warm holiday thanks to its tropical climate throughout all four seasons. Standing out with its miles of golden beaches and vibrant nightlife, the city is unofficially considered the capital of South America. Considered worthy of such an ascription due to its Latino population, which is predominantly of Cuban origin, Miami draws an ideal holiday destination profile for nature-loving travelers through the rich wildlife around it.

  1. South Beach

The region, which is one of the places that best reflects the spirit of the city, where the winter season never stops and the sun makes its presence felt most of the year, is a favorite of both locals and travelers.

South Beach is established on the coastal part of Biscayne Bay opposite the city center. Technically, this is the southernmost tip of Miami Beach.

  1. Downtown


Almost every corner of Downtown, the heart of Miami, is filled with skyscrapers, museums, art galleries, shopping malls and entertainment venues. The region’s richness in terms of social life enables it to offer different beauties to its guests during the day and at night.

  1. Coral Gables

best of miami Coral Gables

The region, where monuments of historical value and tree-lined boulevards add a different atmosphere, has a milder weather compared to its neighbor Downtown and South Beach. Due to this feature, middle-aged travelers as well as families prefer Coral Gables to spend their Miami holidays.

The Best of Miami

The peak period of the tourist season in Miami is between November and April. Low temperatures are cited as the main reason why travelers from all over the world show great interest in the city during these months. Even the lowest temperatures in Miami remain high compared to most parts of the United States, though. Activities such as the Winter Music Conference and Spring Break also play a role in the high interest during the season. For this reason, it is necessary to make a reservation months in advance in order to find free rooms in the facilities in the popular accommodation areas of the city, especially in South Beach and Miami Beach.

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