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Yacht Rental Miami

Yacht rental Miami for best boat experience and fun. Max 13 guest and free water included! For rentals call us and you will live a perfect holiday.

From $990 /4H
From $1090 /4H
From $1190 /4H
From $1290 /4H
From $1290 /4H
From $2250/4h
From $1190 /4H
From $790 /4H

Yacht Rental Miami prices is very available for you and it has an unique sercive concept. If you have a reliable holiday you may choose the best company ever about boat rentals. Reliable service’s name is Yacht Rental Miami. With the best price policy that we have you can enjoy your vacation. You may call us or visit our website for advantageous and discounted prices. Our mission is to provide a perfect holiday as Miami Yachting Company Rentals. Yacht Rental Miami going to be take you unique beach and seasides just a call. Our yachtes have last technologies for your comfort. Our each yacht has two crew team at least. Every detail has been consired for your comfort by us. If you like magical lakes, lake is not enough fort that. We will be presenting all the ocean for you.

Yachting Company Book, Cheap and Luxury Yacht Rental Miami For Party and Be Absolutely (compare half with the others) Surprised by What You Can Find

You can compare all of sea vehicles and boats for seeing fee results on our website. It is worth to see lauderdale lakes, lake territory. Florida is among the United States is most popular vacation destinations and also a very popular for vacationers from around the globe. Florida would be right location for a vacation. Florida holiday is a so beutiful ray from the sun. The sea merges with the sun and forms the magical sea ray.

The coastal city Miami is famously known for its hot, sunny weather, popular beaches, legendary nightlife, and sailing on clear water. Along with Miami's sultry weather, the city of Miami Beach is also one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States.

The two neighborhoods, Coral Gables and Biscayne Bay, along with neighboring Miami all offer plenty of restaurants, shops, and attractions to keep even the most determined traveler occupied during any given vacation.

You can spend your time at sea, on the beach or doing a little bit of everything, as long as you choose to go where the mood takes you. Boating is one of the most popular activities at this beach around the world.

Along the coast, you will find a number of marinas that have services available to take care of your docking needs. A popular Miami boat rentals we can help you find the perfect boating and boat to suit your needs. Some of the Miami boat rentals are available year-round, while others operate only during particular months of the year.

Yacht for rent and in a few hour Miami is that means enjoy and a way of popular, amazing activity, whether you are planning a family vacation or a reunion of friends. Max guest satisfy is our website.

Chartering a boat for boating enables you to take a luxurious trip out into the Biscayne Bay Area or the Atlantic Ocean, without worrying about your loved ones needing childcare or transportation services while you are on vacation. Instead, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

You can charter boats as large as 12 visitor max. Most popular brands of the yachts are: (Every Fb is that means flybridge and Express is Xp) Azimut (compare half with the others) (Fb), Vandutch compare half with the others (Fb), Prestige compare half with the others (Fb),Benateau compare half with the others (Fb, Xp), Ginaetti compare half with the others (Fb, Xp), Sea Ray (Fb, Express), Feretti (Fb), Sundancer (Fb, Xp).

If you rent boats in South Florida, it is likely that you will be visiting some of the more popular locations surrounding Miami Biscayne Bay area such as Haulover Sandbar, Picnic Island, Marine Stadium, Oletta Park, Miami River, and other destinations.

Enjoy the sea and sun on the flybrigde, compare half with your previous enjoyment! You will see and feel the sea ray, express your feelings on the flybridge to your dears. Max guest satisfy is very important for us.

When it comes to throwing a celebration or retirement party, the ultimate dream is having a boat party. Yacht leaser have been used for hundreds of years and provide the ultimate in class and luxury.

Yacht rental in miami can offer you a unique and exciting experience to take your group or family on a cruise through the Miami intercoastal water, on a Miami Millionaire’s Row sightseeing, or on a Miami River cruise. Whatever your ultimate choice, Miami's ocean are unspoiled and teeming with marine life.

Planning a yacht rental Miami bachelorette party celebration is obviously a huge responsibility - but if you can pull it off by selecting activities that everyone enjoys, If you having a party at the sea you will be witness sun ray and sea ray dancing together. you can pull off an exciting trip that all will be talking about for years. Yachts and boats leasers would be the most popular option for bachelorette parties headed to Miami Beach, but there are a lot more fun activities to choose from that don't cost as much!

Ocean tours and snorkeling excursions are two great options that will allow you to really get to know the waters of Miami. With the waves crashing onto the shore and the gentle currents moving you along, the ocean is an ideal environment for swimming, sailing, and just relaxing and being a vacation with nature at its finest. Combine this with the beach, and you've got a total package that will be a blast to plan and enjoy.

One of the fun activities for the girls onboard a bachelorette boat is going around the beach and getting drunk with everyone else on the boat. Some bars will even offer open bar hours where you can stock up on drinks and get into the festive mood before heading out to the beach. Just remember to keep yourself under control, and have fun! After all, isn't that why you came on a boat in the first place?

Whether you are looking for a private yacht charter for the ultimate family vacation or just a convenient place for a party, yacht rental Miami Beach can make it happen. Located right on the Miami Beach, Miami Yacht Party Club is a full service private lease / boat rental business. We will provide you with an unbiased professional assessment of your party boat or other event yacht and then book, hire, or direct you on the finest yacht for your party, wedding, or celebration. Let consult with Miami Yacht Party Club, who can help you with all of your Miami sea life recreation needs.

Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, parting and a day of yachting around white sand beaches and crystal clear waters in Miami are just some of the fun of ways to spend your holiday on a beautiful Florida vacation. Choose from the best yacht charter company, Miami Yacht Party Club in the Miami area, and enjoy what you have to offer.

If you live near the ocean, Our City is ready and waiting to welcome you aboard one of their state of the art boats to enjoy the ultimate sea life adventure. Book your charter today, so you can spend time at the ocean as you escape the daily grind. We give the best service because yachting is our passion. Renting is a serious business and if you don’t want to unpleasant surprise on your holiday, you should go with the best.


Are there life jackets on board?

Yes, we have both adult and kid’s life jackets ready on board. That is a mandatory requirement of the United Stated Coast Guard.

Are there any prohibited items allowed on boats?

Safety is always our priority that we cannot risk our visitors and our crews. To be more specific fishing, cooking (grill, stovetop, bbq, etc) and fireworks are not allowed on the boat based on the USCG regulations.

How many people can be onboard at the same time at the yacht (guest max)? For Safety holidays Yacht Rental Miami airbnb

Charters may only carry max 12 visitor at a time as per US Coast Guard regulations. For the guest max capacity is not related to the boat size; 25 feet boat or 55 feet boat are both allowed to the hold max 12 visitor. But apart from these details we have sea vehicles 50 person capacity for your crowded crew. Don’t forget that for your safety we don’t accept max guest over capacity. For all inclusive yacht rental Miami fees contact us please!

Does the displayed boat rental price include everything (taxes, tip, fuel…)?

The boat price shows the full charter rate (boat price, captain and mate fee, fuel, taxes). For your information, gratuity is not included in the boat price, so please keep in mind tipping the captain and the mate (15%-20% based on the Florida tax regulations).

Do I need a membership special price to complete the booking?

No. There is no member price. You just need to contact us via phone, Whatsapp or Instagram to complete the boat charter reservation. We will be waiting for all sunseeker for sea ray sundancer. (compare half)

What is the cancellation policy for bad weather?

If there is an official severe weather advisory due to the severe thunderstorm or high winds, as per USCG regulations we cancel the trip with full refund or reschedule your charter depend on our availability.

The decision of cancellation is at the discretion of our captains. As we said earlier, safety is our priority. So if the weather conditions are dangerous to be on the sea vehicle, our captains will not take you out. But if it’s just rain shower or cloudy weather, it’s such a typical weather for Miami (especially during the hurricane season) and we do not cancel the yacht rentals.

We consider the advisories on the trip date because it’s the most accurate one. We discuss with our captains and let you know about the updates; to either cancel with the full refund or re-schedule the trip to another day. So your boat rentals and transactions will always be under the guarentee. Because we are professionals and yacht rentals our specialty.

What should I wear or what should I bring on a Miami yacht charter for max available?

We recommend our visitors wearing non-marking sandals or shoes (please no heels or booties), and bringing an extra layer of top and bottom since Miami weather is so unpredictable or it’s often chilly when the wind is strong. Make sure you also bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen which are essential for Miami weather.

Where is the pick-up location? Is parking available?

Five of our boats are located at 5400 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL 33140. There is a parking lot at 5300 Collins Ave. in case our guests drive. One of our sea vehicles are 7910 West Drive, North Bay Village 33140 and there is free street parking right by the dock. FYI, we only do pick up and drop offs at the dock where our boats and boating are located.

What is our cancellation policy?

We have a standardized cancellation policy in order to protect both our guests and us (as a boat owner). You can cancel your reservation up to 5 days before the booking without penalty. If our visitors cancel the reservation 5 to 2 days before the start time of the trip, they will receive the deposit back. For the cancellations less than 2 days before the yacht charter date, booking is non-refundable including the security deposit.

As a renter if I have a sea vehicles license, can I captain the boat I booked ?

Unfortunately no. We do not accept our renters operate the boat even they have a boating license since it is a safety and liability issue. Our yacht charters in Miami are all captained who have captain’s license from United Stated Coast Guard that operate the boat for you and your group so that you can enjoy your times, your amazing per hour on the boat.

How long is a typical rental period?

Typical rental period is defined by the amount of time you would spend out on the water and it may vary from a quarter day rental (2 hour), for to half rental (4 hour), to full rental (max 8 hour). As a reminder, on weekends we do minimum 4 hour (half day) yacht charters. For compare half day fees please contact me.